Maximize the impact of your raw video footage through professional editing.

Bring us your raw camera footage for editing and DVD authoring.

Maximize the impact of your video through professional editing.

Editing is more than eliminating the “boring” footage. Our talented editors will work with you to turn your camera footage into an enjoyable experience.

Titles, slow motion, still frames, dissolves and music are all additions that give your finished video a professional look.

The Post-Production Process

    • Adding titles to identify people, places, and things; to help tell the story

    • Adding effects between scenes to make the production interesting and to make the production flow.

    • Changing the sound, adding music and sound effects. You can mix music and microphone narration over the sound that is already on the original, you can replace the sound, and you can add sound effects (splat!) that help you achieve the desired feeling.

    • Incorporating high-end special effects to add pizazz and create interesting visuals.

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