Photo Montage Videos

Re-live memories and create an heirloom of family history.


Re-live memories and create an heirloom of family history.

Bring your photos to life with movement and music! You are the producer of this movie.

Your treasured photos (any size) are individually shot (not scanned), on digital video tape. Care and time is taken with each photo and movements, such as a slow zoom pan across a photo are used wherever possible. Your photos are then edited with special effect transitions (dissolves, page turns, flips, etc.), just like you see on television. You select the music and we synchronize your choices to fit each segment to make it work.

We will create your opening title and personalized ending for your movie.

You decide how much you would like your video to cost based on the number of photos you use.

An all inclusive investment of $4* per photo includes:

    • 1 hour pre-production meeting

    • All set-ups and viewings

    • Shooting each photo on digital tape

    • Music added and synchronized to fit each segment

    • Special effects

    • Editing

    • 5 titles or “captions” including the opening title and personalized ending

    • Finished movie authored onto a DVD

*price subject to change

Create a Video Montage For:

    • A special Anniversary

    • Birthday

    • Graduation

    • Tribute or Memorial Video

    • The “growing up” years and love story of a bride and groom to show at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

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